Most people tend to overlook the importance of maintaining good tree health which can often result in dulled appearances and limited vitality. When trees are uncared for, trees may develop dead or diseased branches meaning it is necessary to get them removed or trimmed as soon as possible. Inspecting your trees regularly means that you can notice any change in appearance, looking out for things such as burrowing around the root of the tree, decaying wood, fungus and discoloration, as well as making sure there aren’t any dead branches.

Without the experience and the right knowledge, it can be difficult to notice when your trees are in bad health. Qualified tree surgeons will undertake detailed inspections and surveys to implement whatever needs to be done to revive the health of your trees.

N J Pacey has specialist knowledge around tree surgery, making them experts at knowing exactly what your landscape needs and how to maintain good tree health. Trees will need specialist care and treatment when in a damaged state, so it’s important to require professional care to undergo the removal of any diseased, loose or infected branches. Attempting to do this yourself without any experience can dangerous and increase the risk of injury.

N J Pacey is an award winning landscaping company with years of expertise in tree surgery in Stamford and Spalding, making them trustworthy, reliable and efficient at maintaining nourished, thriving trees and a healthy landscape. Having healthy, nourished trees will also benefit you by restoring and revitalising your landscape giving it aesthetic qualities and character.