20 Mar 2024
Photo of grey concrete bollards

Top 10 Things to know about Commercial Landscaping

Commercial landscaping involves the planning, designing, installing, and long-term upkeep of a landscape into a final product that reflects a business’s personality and values and is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Here are 10 key things to know about commercial landscaping. 1. Curb Appeal Matters A well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing landscape enhances the curb appeal […]

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23 Jan 2024

How to Maintain Trees on School Grounds

Regularly maintaining trees on school grounds is an essential part of ensuring a presentable and safe learning environment for students. Educational institutions should prioritise a well-maintained landscape that efficiently manages the risks posed by having trees on school property. Below are a few tips for successful tree maintenance, including how a tree surgeon can help. […]

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16 Jun 2023

Essential Checklist For Grounds Maintenance: Top 5 Services

Maintaining well-curated grounds not only retains the beauty of your property but helps cement its value. There’s a real feeling of pride characterised by well-kept grounds, especially if improvements and upkeep improve the comfort, safety, and condition of the environment. For this reason, using services to maintain these areas all year round is key. With […]

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02 Nov 2022
Snow covered street

When Should You Start Gritting This Winter?

It’s that time of year again. Although October was unseasonably warm, temperatures are expected to fall throughout November – and before too long, winter will have well and truly set in! As the weather gets colder, businesses’ attention must turn to the safety of their visitors and colleagues. The threat of ice persists throughout the […]

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15 Jul 2022
Commerical Landscaping Peterborough Blog

Why Is Regular Grounds Maintenance Important?

Ground maintenance for commercial properties or public buildings helps keep your premises clean, tidy and presentable. It’s important for making a good first impression and upholding high standards of safety and cleanliness. In this guide, we’re looking at why it’s worth investing in regular grounds maintenance. Make a good impression If you have weeds sprouting […]

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22 Jun 2022
Arborist for Tree Surgery

How Do I Choose A Tree Surgeon?

In this quick guide, we’re offering our top tips on picking the right tree surgeon for the job. If you’re in need of tree cutting or maintenance on your property, whether that’s residential or commercial, these tips should help you avoid the common pitfalls when it comes to choosing a grounds maintenance professional.   Are […]

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21 Apr 2022
Maintained grounds in spring time

Spring Grounds Maintenance: Essential Checklist

In this quick guide, we’re looking at how to prepare your grounds in time for spring, including all your green spaces and tarmac areas. First impressions are important. If you regularly receive clients or your business is located close to a busy pedestrian path or road, you’ll want to make sure people see a professional […]

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15 Dec 2021
Snowy Car Park

Should You Grit Your Car Park?

If you manage a car park at a school, retail store or workplace, you’ll need to know your obligations when it comes to managing icy surfaces in the winter. Should you grit your car park, or should you leave it as it is? We’re answering this question in our quick guide. If you own or […]

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15 Dec 2021
Freshly Cut Grass

What Is Included In Grounds Maintenance?

If you have a premises with grounds, you’ll need them to be well maintained. From school grounds and sports fields to commercial premises, grounds maintenance is not just about keeping your site clean and professional, it’s also about keeping your grounds fit for purpose and safe to use. When shopping around for someone to assist […]

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11 Nov 2021

Should You Grit Before or After Snow?

We all know that grit is a lifesaver on pathways and roads across Britain in the winter months. But should you grit before or after snow has fallen? The answer to this question is a little more complex than you may think. Let’s begin by looking at how grit works. The principle is simple: it […]

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