Crowland, Peterborough
26 Jun 2017

Has Your Grass Recovered?

The combination of winds, ice, over hydration and compacted soil makes it hard for your grass to remain green, healthy and vibrate throughout the winter months. By the time spring comes to an end we expect our lawns to be youthful again however not all lawns can bounce back meaning it might be time for you to replace your turf ready for the summer months.

Replacing Turf

Laying turf requires careful ground preparation and careful planning to ensure the type of turf is correct for your requirements and the measurements suitably fit your ground.

At N J Pacey, we provide a range of domestic landscaping services meaning we can transform your garden to look healthy, vibrant and stylish ready for outdoor dining and garden activities. When it comes to replacing your turf, N J Pacey can come to your home to accurately measure the area that needs replacing and professionally lay the turf for you.

A new turf needs to be laid as soon as possible before it begins to dry out, it also requires special equipment such as sharp knives and wooden kneel boards. For those inexperienced in replacing turfs, it might be best to reply on a professional landscaping company to ensure the job is done to the best standard, setting you lawn up for a long and quality future.

No matter what condition your garden is in, our domestic landscaping team can install thriving new turf. For more information, please visit our contact page or call us on 01775 630166


22 May 2017

Keeping Up Appearances With N J Pacey

We can’t deny that when we visit a new workplace or business, one of the first things we judge is the appearance of the area and inside the office. While keeping offices and stores tidy and well organised can be easy to keep on top of, looking after the outside of your office is generally the last thing on business owner’s minds. Make keeping up appearances easy with N J Pacey’s professional commercial landscaping service. Read these ways we can help you.

Commerical Landscaping Peterborough Blog

Many business areas have large trees and hedges that can overgrow very quickly. This makes them more susceptible to gathering rubbish and encourages fallen branches and leaves. We can keep hedges and trees regularly trimmed and maintained which can make a huge difference in how the outside of your business looks.

Not only can we remove and replace dead or wilted trees and plants, we can undertake a full inspection of your tree health to access the best way to care for your plants in the future. Our report can identify how we can repair your trees or if it is necessary for them to be removed as soon as possible. Our tree surgery service in Stamford can help you maintain the good health of your trees and prevent trees becoming dull and diseased for a healthy looking garden.

As leading commercial landscaping contractors in the Peterborough area, we can redesign the outside of your office or store to create a more attractive exterior. From replacing old trees and plants to creating new entryways, N J Pacey can design a professional looking outside area for your business.
It’s important to remember that the way a business looks from the outside can affect your employees too. Creating a workplace that looks nice will motivate your employees and show them you truly care about the business. Creating a nice atmosphere in the workplace will not only make your employees feel happier at work, but it could also motivate them!

At N J Pacey, we tailor our service to meet your needs and budget. Simply visit our contact page to fill out a contact form or call us on 01775630166 and a member of our team will deal with any queries you have as soon as possible.

26 Apr 2017
Tree surgery in Stamford and Spalding

Are your trees in good health?

Most people tend to overlook the importance of maintaining good tree health which can often result in dulled appearances and limited vitality. When trees are uncared for, trees may develop dead or diseased branches meaning it is necessary to get them removed or trimmed as soon as possible. Inspecting your trees regularly means that you can notice any change in appearance, looking out for things such as burrowing around the root of the tree, decaying wood, fungus and discoloration, as well as making sure there aren’t any dead branches.

Without the experience and the right knowledge, it can be difficult to notice when your trees are in bad health. Qualified tree surgeons will undertake detailed inspections and surveys to implement whatever needs to be done to revive the health of your trees.

N J Pacey has specialist knowledge around tree surgery, making them experts at knowing exactly what your landscape needs and how to maintain good tree health. Trees will need specialist care and treatment when in a damaged state, so it’s important to require professional care to undergo the removal of any diseased, loose or infected branches. Attempting to do this yourself without any experience can dangerous and increase the risk of injury.

N J Pacey is an award winning landscaping company with years of expertise in tree surgery in Stamford and Spalding, making them trustworthy, reliable and efficient at maintaining nourished, thriving trees and a healthy landscape. Having healthy, nourished trees will also benefit you by restoring and revitalising your landscape giving it aesthetic qualities and character.

31 Mar 2017

Is Your Garden Ready for Summer?

It’s nearly April now and although it may seem as though it was Christmas only a moment ago, it won’t be too long until the sun starts coming out and we’ll be spending our time enjoying the warmer evenings in the garden. But with having had the sun in hiding for a few months now, most of our gardens have been at risk to plant damage, broken trees and unsightly worn grass. It’s hard to ensure your garden lasts through the winter months but there’s no better time to get it ready for the summer than to start the preparation in early spring.

When considering a garden refurbishment, it’s important to plan the elements in your garden that need replacing or redecorating and set out goals for your home. Many of us will underestimate the detail and length of time that goes into renovating our garden so it’s important to do your research.  As a domestic landscaping company, we have vast experience in planning garden refurbishments and can provide you with a detailed plan including all the details of your final garden. As a professional company, we can take the stress out of the planning process through to final completion.

Refurbishing your garden
Refurbishing your garden

Remember to try and keep your garden simple, although it might be nice to have three big features in your garden, depending on the size, you should generally try and limit yourself to ensure that you don’t end up with an overcomplicated garden. N J Pacey have been renovating domestic landscapes for over 10 years and can advise you on the best layout and design for your garden.

If you do decide to renovate your garden by yourself, it’s important to recognise when you should ask for help.  As qualified tree removal specialists, we know how to handle a range of professional equipment that could be dangerous to the untrained hand. Although DIY jobs might seem like an easy option, it could be cheaper, safer and easier to hire a qualified tree surgeon to handle to larger garden jobs. A tree surgeon will also help you when it comes to removing the waste from your garden, making the clearing process a lot easier.

If you have any questions about domestic landscaping then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Visit our contact page to fill out our form or feel free to give us a call on 01775 630166.

09 Feb 2017

6 Reasons to Hire a Tree Surgeon

Tree Surgery Peterborough

Tree surgeons are more than people who just cut trees down. They are carefully trained and expertly trained craftsmen who require years of experience to carefully undertake all aspects of tree management. Although you will find some tree surgeons advertising their services among 20 other services including driveway cleaning, painting and fencing, most professional companies are expertly trained to understand the quality of trees and how to best manage them. Read these 6 reasons to hire a qualified tree surgeon.

1. Tree surgeons understand care of trees

Assessing a tree, shrub or hedges quality isn’t always as easy as you might think. A tree surgeon will be able to assess the quality of the greenery and be able to give tailored advice on the best way to treat/care for it.

2. Safety

A qualified team of tree surgeons are trained in removing trees with specialist equipment. It is always advised to use a team of professionals to avoid any unwanted injuries by trying to complete complicated tree labour.

3. Waste Clearance

When completing a lot of cutting, pruning and trimming, a substantial amount of waste can be produced. This could mean lots of trips to a tip, difficult and messy disposals and a lot of hassle. A tree surgeon will either completely take care of this for you or help remove a considerable amount of waste.

4. Proper Equipment

Although a DYI job might seem appealing, in reality, household garden tools are more often than not, inappropriate. A tree surgeon will have the correct tools and equipment to properly complete the jobs required safely and efficiently.

5. Insurance

A qualified tree surgeon will be certified and insured meaning that they can safely carry out any work without you worrying if it is being done correctly.

6. Advice

Finally, a qualified tree surgeon will be able to advise you on what is the best procedure for your greenery. Good companies will offer you free advice to ensure that you do what is best for you and your needs and will be more interested in guaranteeing good results rather than securing a contract.

If you have any questions about hiring a tree surgeon, please don’t hesitate in contacting us. N J Pacey provide a high-quality tree surgery service in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

19 Jan 2017

How Commercial Landscaping Can Help Your Business

Commercial landscapers can help you plan and install your workplace frontage. Monthly or seasonal maintenance for weeding, mowing, trimming, pruning or plant replacement may be required. When business owners look to see how they can improve their business, their commercial landscaping may not currently be at the top of their list. However, there are many benefits to investing in your commercial landscape, but how does it affect business?

It Creates a Good First Impression

First impressions can mean the difference between a new client or not. Although the majority of a new clients first impression will be formed when they meet with you and your colleagues, the overall appearance will set the tone. Even if you don’t realise it, the appearance of a business can affect how people view the company and the work they provide. We can carry over bad impressions from appearance to our overall experience of the company.
It Could Bring in New Business
The commercial landscaping of a business could also have the potential to draw in new clients that drive by or work near your business. If your businesses landscape is well presented, it could work as advertising to help catch the eye of new customers. Use your landscape as a place to express who you are as a business and attract the right kind of attention. Don’t put off customers with a badly groomed site.

It Will Motivate Your Employees

Not only is commercial landscaping important to customers, but it is important to your employees. The way you present your business in terms of the appearance speaks volumes about how much you care for your company. Improving the appearance of the company will show your employees you have respect for your customers as well as them. If they hate their work environment they are more likely to spend the day counting down the minutes until they can go home. Nice commercial landscaping and pleasant environments can create a nice atmosphere where employees can work happily and productively.

It Could Increase Your Property’s Resale Value

As your business grows and changes, the building you work in may not be suitable for the future. Keeping your property in good condition could increase your property value if you choose to sell.

The hassle of landscaping yourself can be easily avoidable with N J Pacey as your Commercial Landscaping company. We provide a complete commercial landscaping package to our clients and advice you on what looks best and will make your property look more professional. We are one of the leading commercial landscaping contractors in the Peterborough area and can help you transform your businesses outside appearance.

We hold a variety of awards and certifications for our commercial landscaping services including a Met Office silver quality mark for our gritting service.
We are also approved as Constructionline contractor which means we have passed a rigorous checking process.

To find out more information please contact us today!

28 Dec 2016

Time to Get Gritting

Winter Gritting PeterboroughNow Winter is here, the temperature drops and the weather turns harsher and more unpredictable. The nation’s roads become more hazardous as the colder weather creates icy conditions. Early morning frosts or the prospect of snow become a reality. Winter weather not only has an impact on the early morning commuters but it can create problems for those trying to run a business or service. Icy roads or carparks can slow down productivity as staff struggle to enter parking areas or cross slippery paths. As an employer, it’s imperative that a suitable winter plan is implemented which provides a clear duty of care to your employees. Ensuring your access points are clear from ice and that the surrounding areas are safe will give you a greater peace of mind.

What is grit? Grit is essentially salt and when spread across the road it actively lowers the temperature at which the surface of the road freezes. This in turns prevents ice from forming and when vehicles drive over the salt it turns into a brine solution which is more effective in preventing and melting ice. If the prospect of snow is imminent we will spread an efficient layer of grit which will avoid it freezing and stop the snow from settling. If there is heavy snow, then the salt solution will become more diluted and more may need to be applied.

Here at N J Pacey Landscaping winter gritting in Peterborough is one of our main services. We can provide you with a competent service to fulfil your gritting needs. We store large quantities of salt at our depot and maintain these levels throughout the winter. We have a fleet of vehicles that cover the Peterborough area and are readily available. We will monitor the weather on your behalf and are proud to have a silver Met Office quality mark for winter gritting. This seal of approval provides you with reassurance that we will supply you with the best service, as we can accurately forecast the weather and make the best winter gritting decisions for you. We have vehicles of different sizes which are capable of applying salt to carparks of all sizes, large areas of road, paths or multi-storey car parks. Our fleet will work throughout the night to ensure your place of business is safe and accessible by the morning. We can also provide you with salt bins and maintain them throughout the winter months. We will deliver an excellent service allowing you to continue running your business throughout the winter and the difficult weather. Call our friendly team today to discuss a winter maintenance plan and keep your staff and business safe! Alternatively, if you are homeowner worried about keeping your drive and paths safe we can help you too.

03 Oct 2016

Winter is coming!

November is knocking on the door and that mild weather we were enjoying is on its way out. It’s now time to start thinking about how you’re going to keep your home or workplace clear, accessible and safe throughout the winter months.

N J Pacey are committed to providing a local Peterborough gritting service and we have stockpiled large quantities of salt in preparation for Winter. We also closely monitor the weather conditions across the UK using the Met Offices detailed Weather Forecasting System. We have also been awarded The Met Office Quality Mark for our Winter Gritting Service.

Own a business? We can provide an overnight gritting service to ensure that your premises are safe and gritted before your customers and staff arrive.

We have a comprehensive fleet of winter gritting vehicles, including smaller vehicles that are able to reach areas with restricted access, including Multi-storey car parks.

Do you have a salt bin or are looking to get a salt bin? We supply Salt bins across Peterborough and also restock salt bins so please get in touch today to find out how we can help.

Thanks  for reading, Have a great Winter and stay safe!

Snow clearing on the top of a multi storey roof in Peterborough.

01 Aug 2016

Block Paved Drive Sweeping

We have been using this Pedestrian Operated road sweeper to clean the moss and debris of a communal drive in Sutton Bridge.  Two weeks before we used the brush we have applied both a Herbicide to kill the weeds and a residual herbicide to keep killing the weeds over the coming months.  We then used a separate herbicide to work on the moss and algae on the blocks.

Once the chemicals had been allowed to work we used the brush and air brooms to clean the drives and communal roads.IMG_0908

15 Jul 2016

New Gates

Our Client in Peterborough came to us wanting new gates for there drive.  They already had the gap and wanted gates but were not sure what to do.  The gates needed to be able to swing both ways to maximise the amount of cars they could park.  We had a custom made steel gate post to allow the larger gate to swing through 270 degrees and have the gates custom made so they exactly fit between the existing wall and the garage.  The client wanted a gate that stood out quality wise and although they wanted a field gate design we sourced these brilliant iroko hardwood gates which really do fit the gap.


Hardwood Gates