What separates an arboriculturalist from a tree surgeon is their level of education and number of certifications. Arboriculturalits are fully qualified tree maintenance professionals who can perform more complex tree surgery procedures than standard tree surgeons. Top arboriculturalists, such as those employed by N J Pacey, can perform the following arboricultural services:

  • Tree Felling
  • Tree Protection Plans 
  • Tree Stump Removal 
  • Tree Hazard Plans & Assessments 
  • Planning & Development Surveys
  • Low-Volume & High-Volume Surveys for Local Authorities

It’s important to note that it can be a criminal offence to cut down, trim, lop, unroot or willfully damage a tree, so it’s advised that you contact an N J Pacey qualified arboriculturalist who is trained in all areas of tree removal and management procedures. 

What Does a Tree Surgeon Do?

A tree surgeon is an individual who removes, trims, prunes, plants and maintains trees. Tree surgeons come with a wealth of industry experience and professional qualifications, as they are responsible for tree maintenance and removal. Tree surgeons can perform tree replacements, tree condition surveys, inspections and surgery procedures, among other tree management services, at your home or office. If you’re in need of Peterborough tree surgery services, N J Pacey Landscaping can fulfill the Duty of Care obligations before you build and arrive onsite with LOLER-regulated tree-cutting equipment!

N J Pacey: Tree Surgery Peterborough Experts

When it comes to tree maintenance and removal, no one has more experience or qualifications than N J Pacey tree surgeons and arboriculturalists. Our team is trained to NPTC standards, allowing our Peterborough tree management team to safely handle chainsaws and perform tree climbing services. We’re happy to take any vegetation to a licensed site or stump grind any stumps to prep an area. If you live in a protected conservation area, our team of Peterborough tree surgeons can walk you through securing a Felling License and how to navigate the Tree Preservation Order (TPO). Contact us today to get a free quote by some of the top tree management professionals in the Peterborough area. N J Pacey is fully certified and insured!