The combination of winds, ice, over hydration and compacted soil makes it hard for your grass to remain green, healthy and vibrate throughout the winter months. By the time spring comes to an end we expect our lawns to be youthful again however not all lawns can bounce back meaning it might be time for you to replace your turf ready for the summer months.

Replacing Turf

Laying turf requires careful ground preparation and careful planning to ensure the type of turf is correct for your requirements and the measurements suitably fit your ground.

At N J Pacey, we provide a range of domestic landscaping services meaning we can transform your garden to look healthy, vibrant and stylish ready for outdoor dining and garden activities. When it comes to replacing your turf, N J Pacey can come to your home to accurately measure the area that needs replacing and professionally lay the turf for you.

A new turf needs to be laid as soon as possible before it begins to dry out, it also requires special equipment such as sharp knives and wooden kneel boards. For those inexperienced in replacing turfs, it might be best to reply on a professional landscaping company to ensure the job is done to the best standard, setting you lawn up for a long and quality future.

No matter what condition your garden is in, our domestic landscaping team can install thriving new turf. For more information, please visit our contact page or call us on 01406 380783