Road Gritting and Car Park Gritting Services

Winter Maintenance Peterborough

N J Pacey are winter maintenance contractors who provide a range of winter gritting services in and around the Peterborough area. We take pride in our work and always ensure that we offer the best gritting services, where we melt the worry of the winter months away!

N J Pacey was founded in 1987 by Norman Pacey which is where our experience comes from. We pride ourself on the core function of business - the skills of its employees who make N J Pacey what it is today.

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Road Gritting and Car Parl Gritting

Road Gritting Service

We obtain a variety of different road gritters that enable us to take on a range of different rock salt services. The winter maintenance includes our gritting contractor's work, where we can arrange to grit roads, carparks, multistory car parks and paths - no area is too big or small.

Quality Rock Salt Grit Peterborough

Rock Salt Bins

Additionally, we can supply and stock rock salt bins for your winter maintenance. This service really does take away the worry, as you can get in touch with us, and we will happily stock your salt bin over the winter period.

Met Office Quality Mark

Additionally, N J Pacey hold a Met Office quality mark for winter gritting. This helps differentiates us from the rest of our competition, highlighting our credibility with the gritting service we offer. We utilise the most accurate weather information available, and, offer a range of flexible winter gritting services to cater for every customer.
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Why choose us as your Winter Maintenance Contractor

Choose us because we really do take pride. Our duty of care for our customers is exceptional and we always monitor the weather for every client. This ensures that we are the first to respond to road gritting and other winter maintenance services where our team work hard throughout the night - to ensure your property can remain open for business.

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