If you have a premises with grounds, you’ll need them to be well maintained. From school grounds and sports fields to commercial premises, grounds maintenance is not just about keeping your site clean and professional, it’s also about keeping your grounds fit for purpose and safe to use. When shopping around for someone to assist with your grounds maintenance it can be helpful to know exactly what’s encompassed in this service.

Tree Surgery & Maintenance

Tree surgery and maintenance encompasses a wide range of tree-related services that should be carried out by qualified arboriculturists. From tree surveys to assess the health of your trees, to tree surgery, there’s more to managing the trees on your site than might first meet the eye.

Key services include:

  • Tree cutting service, felling and tree replacement
  • Tree trimming & tree pruning
  • Deadwooding
  • Crown reduction, thinning & lifting
  • Protection plans & assessments

And much more.

Grass Cutting & Weed Management

Gardens with lawns or sports fields all need a regular grass cutting service. Weed management can also keep your paths and walkways looking their best all year round.

Hedge Maintenance

Hedges also need trimming every now and again to prevent them from overgrowing or looking messy.

Litter Picking

Litter is not just unsightly and unhygienic, if left unchecked, it could also pose a trip hazard for visitors. Encompassing litter picking into your regular grounds maintenance ensures that your site is kept clean and smart.

Line Marking & Pitch Maintenance

If you have a sports field, over time your line markings will fade. Line marking and pitch maintenance ensures your field is prepped for every session.

Winter Gritting & Snow Clearance

If you manage a car park, or you have pedestrian walkways to the entrance of your building, it’s important to make sure that ice and snow is cleared. Having a reliable winter gritting technician in place can help you keep your premises open for business and safe for visitors.

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