A Tree Surgeon is an individual who removes, trims, prunes, plants and maintains trees for the welfare of the environment. But not anyone can be a tree surgeon….

Why are Trees Important

Often a Tree’s importance is overlooked, as without an environment packed full of greenery, we would all have an un-sustainable environment to live in. Trees contribute to the environment by providing oxygen, improving our air quality, preserving soil and supporting forms of wildlife. Trees essentially build our ecosystem!

According to NC State University, 1 large tree can supply up to four people’s worth of oxygen for a day. (NCSU, 2017)

Why You Need A Qualified Arboculturists

As Trees are so important for our ecosystem it is equally important that you get a fully qualified tree surgeon to undertake any tree maintenance work safely and correctly and highlight when tree health isn’t optimal The NJ Pacey team are fully qualified arboriculturist based in Peterborough, which means we have studied hard and completed all Arborist qualifications and licenses to ensure safe local practice.

You also need a qualified Tree Surgeon as it can be a criminal offence to cut down, trim, lop, unroot and wilfully damage any trees protected by Tree Preservation orders (TPOS) in public areas.

For more information on Tree legislation read this handy guide provided by The Arboricultural Association.

How A Tree Surgeon Can Help

Your Qualified Tree Surgeon, formerly known as Arborist, can help with an array of Tree Maintenance Services & even planting. The surgeon will use their expertise to assess the tree and make good recommendations on the best course of action. A broad range of work that can be undertaken is:

  • Crown Reduction, Thinning & Lifting
  • Pruning
  • Pollarding
  • Limb Removal
  • Deadwooding
  • Tree Reports & Surveys

The N J Pacey team are experienced, fully qualified and local throughout Cambridgeshire to provide Tree Surgery in Peterborough. Give a member of our team a call to get your Tree Maintenance quote.