Winter Gritting PeterboroughNow Winter is here, the temperature drops and the weather turns harsher and more unpredictable. The nation’s roads become more hazardous as the colder weather creates icy conditions. Early morning frosts or the prospect of snow become a reality. Winter weather not only has an impact on the early morning commuters but it can create problems for those trying to run a business or service. Icy roads or carparks can slow down productivity as staff struggle to enter parking areas or cross slippery paths. As an employer, it’s imperative that a suitable winter plan is implemented which provides a clear duty of care to your employees. Ensuring your access points are clear from ice and that the surrounding areas are safe will give you a greater peace of mind.

What is grit? Grit is essentially salt and when spread across the road it actively lowers the temperature at which the surface of the road freezes. This in turns prevents ice from forming and when vehicles drive over the salt it turns into a brine solution which is more effective in preventing and melting ice. If the prospect of snow is imminent we will spread an efficient layer of grit which will avoid it freezing and stop the snow from settling. If there is heavy snow, then the salt solution will become more diluted and more may need to be applied.

Here at N J Pacey Landscaping winter gritting in Peterborough is one of our main services. We can provide you with a competent service to fulfil your gritting needs. We store large quantities of salt at our depot and maintain these levels throughout the winter. We have a fleet of vehicles that cover the Peterborough area and are readily available. We will monitor the weather on your behalf and are proud to have a silver Met Office quality mark for winter gritting. This seal of approval provides you with reassurance that we will supply you with the best service, as we can accurately forecast the weather and make the best winter gritting decisions for you. We have vehicles of different sizes which are capable of applying salt to carparks of all sizes, large areas of road, paths or multi-storey car parks. Our fleet will work throughout the night to ensure your place of business is safe and accessible by the morning. We can also provide you with salt bins and maintain them throughout the winter months. We will deliver an excellent service allowing you to continue running your business throughout the winter and the difficult weather. Call our friendly team today to discuss a winter maintenance plan and keep your staff and business safe! Alternatively, if you are homeowner worried about keeping your drive and paths safe we can help you too.