In this quick guide, we’re looking at how to prepare your grounds in time for spring, including all your green spaces and tarmac areas. First impressions are important. If you regularly receive clients or your business is located close to a busy pedestrian path or road, you’ll want to make sure people see a professional and pleasant exterior.

Take a look at the key landscaping you should do in time for the spring season.

Prepare your green spaces

Whether you just have a patch of lawn or a beautiful on-site garden space, you’ll want to make sure these are primed for the spring season. Spring is a delightful season and you don’t want your green spaces to look tired or messy.

Ground maintenance helps to keep the grass, flowers, hedges and shrubs looking neat and tidy. It also includes removing weeds and cutting away tree branches that are overgrown. When the spring comes into full swing, you’ll want to make sure all your flora is beautifully arranged and ready to bloom. A contractor can help with this.

  • Grass cutting
  • Weed maintenance
  • Litter picking
  • Tree cutting
  • Hedge maintenance

Prepare for cold snaps!

It’s easy to think that once we’ve left February behind we’re heading straight for warmer weather, but the Great British weather is certainly unpredictable. It’s not unheard of for snow to fall across England as late as April. When this happens, you want to make sure your accessways and car park is safe to use.

If you’re running a school, retail park or healthcare facility, making sure everyone can access your facilities without slipping is integral for health and safety. If you are a retail store, not having sufficient gritting in place means customers could take their business elsewhere. To prevent losing out on revenue, make sure you employ a reliable gritting service.

School and leisure grounds

When it comes to school and leisure grounds, you’ll want to make sure your outdoor sports areas are on top form. If your line markings are a little faded, you may want to get a fresh coat of paint.

Need any of the above Spring Grounds Maintenance done on your premises? Contact N J Pacey to discuss the services you require and get a competitive quote.