Christmas comes once a year, so straighten up your garden because Santa is near! The team at N J Pacey would firstly like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and to remind you all not to neglect your garden during the most…… Important time of the year!

Winter Pruning

Not only is santa near, but so is Winter Pruning! Winter is the perfect season to re-shape, structure and provide help for rogue shrubs to get fit in preporation for the warmth of Spring! See what our expert landscaping

Establishing Shrubs & Trees

The key to developing a healthy shrub or tree is to establish a good root system. New plantation in the first season should be cut right back in the winter months to enable energy to be transferred to the roots – making a stronger and healthier plant! Newly planted trees should also be pruned to reduce top growth, also known as the sail effect (where a tree looks windswept).1

Shaping Up

The Winter period is the best time to reshape and modify the structure of plants into how you desire them to look. Any shrubs or trees that have become overcrowded you can simply trim back into the shape you wish, however, a key point is that pruning can vary from plant to plant so ensure to read a more in-depth guide for the specific plant. Additionally, prune any diseased or infected branches off a tree as this will promote health. If you are unsure, remember we offer a complete Tree Surgery Service where our team are fully qualified to assist with any tree requirement

Larger fruit Harvests!

Pruning in the winter can lead to larger fruit harvests during peak season. It is important to create an established framework as this will maximise the fruit return for when trees begin to produce fruition during warmer months.!

Many of the above tips for Winter Landscaping are best completed during the colder months, due to much of the plant dying! This makes the job at hand much easier to trim shape and prune your structure for healthy year-round growth.

For more information of how to prune specific shrubs, hedges and trees check out this detailed guide!

The team at N J Pacey are available throughout the winter to help with your Winter Landscaping needs, so please get in touch for your pruning needs!