Regularly maintaining trees on school grounds is an essential part of ensuring a presentable and safe learning environment for students. Educational institutions should prioritise a well-maintained landscape that efficiently manages the risks posed by having trees on school property. Below are a few tips for successful tree maintenance, including how a tree surgeon can help.

Prioritise pruning

Little and often is best when maintaining trees on school property. Prioritising pruning and removing any trees that can’t be saved will mitigate any risks to students, staff, or visitors and will reduce the likelihood of accidents or injuries. Pruning the dead wood in trees will also prevent it from spreading to the rest of the tree, which can compromise its stability.

Conduct regular inspections

Carrying out regular inspections of any trees on school grounds will help create a secure learning environment void of potential hazards like overhanging limbs, weak branches, or diseased trees at risk of falling. Inspections help you identify any danger signs early, before managing them appropriately with the help of a professional.

Complete a tree risk assessment

As well as conducting regular inspections, it’s also important to complete a tree risk assessment. Every one to two years, a competent professional should look for clear defects in the trees on your school estate, making a note of any trees that pose a high or medium risk on a site plan. This can help you plan for the worst-case scenario.

Call in a tree surgeon

Enlisting the help of professional arborists like tree surgeons can help ensure the safety of having trees on school grounds – but also the vitality of these natural wonders. Tree surgeons can help with necessary inspections, regular pruning and maintenance, and completing risk assessments in order to identify and address potential risks before they become bigger problems.

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