Maintaining well-curated grounds not only retains the beauty of your property but helps cement its value. There’s a real feeling of pride characterised by well-kept grounds, especially if improvements and upkeep improve the comfort, safety, and condition of the environment.

For this reason, using services to maintain these areas all year round is key.

With grounds maintenance contractors, all provisions can be cared for with a professional touch, ensuring your grounds fulfils its true potential.

In this post, we’ll discuss five of the best services for achieving that goal:

       1. Regular Lawn Maintenance

Lawn care can sometimes be boiled down to regular grass mowing, and yes, that’s certainly a vital part of keeping garden spaces in good condition. Also, making sure soil beds are adequately fed, trimming and edging of hedges and natural turf lines, removal of overgrowth, pulling of weeds, and regular fertilisation can work wonders, too. 

Lawn maintenance services can be very helpful in this regard, especially if you have a great deal of publicly-accessible land to take care of. They will be able to prioritise jobs, implement preventative measures (such as by pulling weeds out at the root), and sustain the health of your grounds over time.

       2. Irrigation, Run-off & Drainage Services

How you manage water is not only important to sustain the health of your garden, but also fundamental for protecting the foundations of your buildings, pathways, and wider infrastructure. 

This is where smart exterior guttering is essential, as are storm drains, rain gardens used to trap and soak moisture, and irrigation systems used to provide adequate water to vegetable patches or flower beds. This way, you’re in control, despite seasonal wet weather.

      3. Winter Gritting

Public car parks and access roads can suffer from ice buildup during winter. This presents a driving safety issue and also can be a hazard for pedestrians. In some cases, footfall to your establishment and your reputation could be at stake. 

This is why it’s essential to ensure all your outdoor paths, roads and car parks are gritted and that large piles of snow are removed. The grit should melt the ice. Gritting works by lowering the freezing temperature of your road, preventing ice from forming on the surface as easily. It also adds grip for car tyres (and shoe soles!) so that all visitors can use your roads or pathways safely. This also helps you avoid liability for damage or injuries.

      4. Tree Care & Surgery

Tree surgeons inspect trees for signs of rot, structural damage, or lessened integrity. In this way, they can help prune damaged branches, remove the source of rot to prevent it from spreading, and ensure prolonged tree health for the future.

This not only preserves your treeline over the years but helps to improve the safety of your grounds by removing dead or loose branches. This is especially important for commercial purposes, where visitors may walk amongst your treeline or wooded areas.  

      5. Litter Picking

Simple, yet vital. Litter picking should be considered an essential part of grounds maintenance. First impressions count, and if your visitors are encountering sights of litter this could run-down the image of your premises. Clean and tidy grounds can go a long way. It also helps to keep your site safer for people and the environment. 

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