Commercial landscapers can help you plan and install your workplace frontage. Monthly or seasonal maintenance for weeding, mowing, trimming, pruning or plant replacement may be required. When business owners look to see how they can improve their business, their commercial landscaping may not currently be at the top of their list. However, there are many benefits to investing in your commercial landscape, but how does it affect business?

It Creates a Good First Impression

First impressions can mean the difference between a new client or not. Although the majority of a new clients first impression will be formed when they meet with you and your colleagues, the overall appearance will set the tone. Even if you don’t realise it, the appearance of a business can affect how people view the company and the work they provide. We can carry over bad impressions from appearance to our overall experience of the company.
It Could Bring in New Business
The commercial landscaping of a business could also have the potential to draw in new clients that drive by or work near your business. If your businesses landscape is well presented, it could work as advertising to help catch the eye of new customers. Use your landscape as a place to express who you are as a business and attract the right kind of attention. Don’t put off customers with a badly groomed site.

It Will Motivate Your Employees

Not only is commercial landscaping important to customers, but it is important to your employees. The way you present your business in terms of the appearance speaks volumes about how much you care for your company. Improving the appearance of the company will show your employees you have respect for your customers as well as them. If they hate their work environment they are more likely to spend the day counting down the minutes until they can go home. Nice commercial landscaping and pleasant environments can create a nice atmosphere where employees can work happily and productively.

It Could Increase Your Property’s Resale Value

As your business grows and changes, the building you work in may not be suitable for the future. Keeping your property in good condition could increase your property value if you choose to sell.

The hassle of landscaping yourself can be easily avoidable with N J Pacey as your Commercial Landscaping company. We provide a complete commercial landscaping package to our clients and advice you on what looks best and will make your property look more professional. We are one of the leading commercial landscaping contractors in the Peterborough area and can help you transform your businesses outside appearance.

We hold a variety of awards and certifications for our commercial landscaping services including a Met Office silver quality mark for our gritting service.
We are also approved as Constructionline contractor which means we have passed a rigorous checking process.

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